How do I take care of skin after thread lifting treatment for a v-shaped face?

A v-shape face will make you look slimmer and sexier. That’s a fact and the current trend nowadays. There are few ways to make your chin and jaw more of a v-shape such as cosmetic surgery and thread lift. The aesthetic field has grown rapidly this decade as the demand from the population to look beautiful and attractive increases. The fashion and entertainment industries are two main industries that demand a lot from aestheticians. Treatment for v-shaped face is the answer for you if you want a v-shape face.

There are certain things you need to do to take care of your skin after a thread facelift. Things you need to do are:

  • Always put on sunblock before you go out
  • You can wash your face but do not massage or rub it for at least two weeks
  • Avoid opening your mouth too wide for 4 weeks
  • Do not consume alcohol
  • Please stay away from any exercise for a minimum of 7 days
  • Come regularly for follow-up
  • Follow all instructions and advice given to you

Nonsurgical facelift or thread lift is a safer option for a surgical facelift. Nonsurgical facelift or thread lift uses special threads to lift skin which results in tighter skin and slimmer face. Nonsurgical facelift uses biodegradable threads and because of this, the threads can be broken down naturally by your body. The threads are anchored and the subcutaneous layer of the skin and the result from this procedure can be seen immediately after the procedure completed.

Nonsurgical facelift or thread lift will take around 30 to 45 minutes per session depending on the location involved and also the number of threads used by the aesthetic doctor. Before placing the threads, the doctor will place a numbing cream or an anaesthetic agent to reduce or prevent pain during the procedure.

The placement of the special threads beneath your skin will stimulate the production of collagen. Collagen is the substance that gives the skin a structure. Due to the natural ageing process, the human body produces less collagen. As a result, the skin will lose its structure and form wrinkles together with skin folds. A few months after a nonsurgical facelift, collagen will start a remodelling process and your skin will start gaining its structure, complexion, and form.

You may develop certain side effects but the chances are very low and if you have any, it will be minimal. The side effects following a nonsurgical facelift or thread lift are:

  • Facial pain that might last for around three to five days
  • Minor skin bruises
  • Unwanted visible knots on your skin
  • Skin dimpling
  • Infection

An experienced aesthetic doctor can avoid such complications from happening to you. Be smart and always see a well-trained and competent aesthetic doctor. Each procedure may last for 6 months to 2 years. However, certain factors will influence how long each procedure may last. The factors are:

  • Age
  • Genetics
  • Skin health
  • Body health

However, more threads can be inserted to make each procedure last longer. The traditional facelift or known as the surgical facelift is also called a rhytidectomy. A surgical facelift requires an aesthetic doctor to make a few incisions or one incision. The skin contour is manipulated through those incisions. Any excess fat is removed and the muscles beneath the skin will be tightened and lifted. Treatment for v shaped face is available in Malaysia to help your dream of having a v-shape face come true.